The following artwork is available for purchase. All items have been professionally framed.
$1100 Daisies 38-7/8"x23-1/8"
$1345 Fox Kits 18.75"x18.75"
$560 Lisboa Fountain 20-3/8"x17-3/4"
$290 A pear from my tree 9-7/8"x11-7/8"
$550 Ropes 14-5/8"x15-5/8"
$375 Guanyin 14.25"x18.5"
$570 Stairwell 19"x23-1/8"
$685 Monk Statue 20-7/8"x20-7/8"
$510 Dinghy at the Dock 14-5/8"x15-5/8"
$2020 Basket of Gourds 31-5/8"x31-5/8"
$700 Restaurant 22"x16"
$905 A rose is a rose is a rose 18.5"x36"
$340 Shells and pussy willows 12.75"x11"
$560 By the Holy Well 14-1/8"x18-1/2"
$695 Smithsonian Urn 16.5" x 23.5"
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